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Charmaine Coutinho

Charmaine has over 16 years of experience in consultancy, focusing on new business and service & capability development in the energy transition. Her experience is with product and service innovation across the transition to net zero, in the renewable energy and retail sector. Currently, Charmaine heads up LCP Delta’s external training and knowledge development for clients interested in how the energy transition and net zero will impact them.

Charmaine holds an Honours degree in Geography from the University of Cambridge and sits on the IET Energy Policy Panel.

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Charmaine Coutinho's latest thoughts

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It feels like we are starting 2021 with some cautious optimism – perhaps not as much as we would have liked, but I for one, am upbeat. Whilst Covid-19 continues in waves, there remains much to be positive about for us in the new energy sector. Governments and companies have all taken steps or reported...
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December 17 2019
This time last year we talked about the energy industry being on the cusp of change. Our general feeling was that the tipping point for new energy had come – and we think events in 2019, such as the rise of climate change protests (for example, Extinction Rebellion) and increasing adoption of Net Zero targets,...
July 11 2019
Platforms are one of the hot topics in the new energy sector. There are platforms which connect buyers and sellers such as for installing heating appliances or auto-switching, which interrupts the traditional energy retail-customer relationship. And there are those which connect, link and even manage large numbers of energy assets together such as hot water...
June 25 2019
The UK has an opportunity to incorporate smart technology and Internet of Things (IoT) into its physical, energy and transport infrastructure, to improve public services and the overall quality of life for its citizens. Over the past few years, the National Government and UK Local Authorities (LA) have been taking proactive steps to implement and...
November 23 2018
It’s already been 18 months since we wrote about the emergence of what we believed could be an important new trend: the growth of auto-switching services. Since then, we have watched as a series of new players has begun playing this new game. Customers continue to sign up – perhaps as many as 200,000 across...
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The German football team is out of the World Cup. Was it what you expected? Unlikely. Had you predicted this would happen based on the players selected, Joachim Löw’s ability to coach, or the huge investments made to secure a top-tier national squad? Probably not. As we published the ‘New Energy’ Business Model Service’s latest...
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January 31 2018
In this article, Charmaine Coutinho explores the status of and prospects for peer-to-peer business models, and the implications for the solar PV sector. The growth of peer-to-peer models will have a significant impact on the PV industry, with rapidly growing interest in peer-to-peer energy retail models, and a number of trials and even commercial projects...

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