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About Us

Who we are

Since 2004, LCP Delta have provided data-driven research, consultancy, technology products and training services to companies investing in and navigating the energy transition.

We are a diverse team from a variety of backgrounds including consultants, data analysts, environmentalists, programmers and more. All of us want to make a difference to the energy transition and accelerate the path to a low carbon future. 

The energy market is becoming increasingly complex. As consumers become more empowered and as energy systems around the world decarbonise, there is a need to understand both the generation and demand side to effectively navigate the rapid changes occurring. LCP Delta was formed through the merger of Delta-EE and LCP Energy to bring together deep generation and consumer-side expertise, to provide our clients with a single partner to help them on their journey and provide them with a 360° view across the energy spectrum.

 Our mission is to enable a better, faster energy transition for all by supporting the energy sector to drive the transition.

We know it’s a complicated topic, and we’re here to help.

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As leading experts on the energy transition, we are the turn-to consultancy for in-depth research, forecasts, technology and ‘new energy’ expertise.

Since 2004, we have provided our clients with the leading information, analysis, insight and advice across the energy transition.

Our in-depth research helps our clients exploit opportunities in the change from old to new energy and make the best decisions for their business. Our consultancy team enables clients to make commercial and strategic decisions on investments, business models and customer propositions. Our technology teams cut through the complexity of large datasets and help clients answer key strategic and operational questions, while our training courses help companies develop their human capital, equipping their teams with what they need to know to drive the transition.

Our services allow clients to navigate the complicated world of the energy transition.

What we do

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Our portfolio of subscription research services offer in-depth insights across the energy transition landscape.  We have been undertaking primary research with organisations active in the energy transition since 2004, and this is a core aspect of our subscription services – we have an unparalleled international network of contacts we can draw on.  

Each service focuses on a particular aspect of the energy transition e.g. connected home, energy storage and electric vehicles, providing clients with reports, data and insights throughout the year and ongoing, in-depth research and support from a team of experts. Subscribers have access to the research team and receive ad hoc support, allowing them to fully understand the topic.

Find out more about our subscription research services

Through our subscription research services and bespoke consultancy projects we help businesses to:

Develop their strategy and business models

Know where to invest

Understand their customers and market opportunities

Monitor the market drivers, barriers and the competitve landscape

Learn from, and be inspired by, innovation across Europe and worldwide

How we work

What makes us different?

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